Sanli Grain Sorting Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Equipment: Compound cleaning machine
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Others
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Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-09-14
Main Features: 1. Combine wind-sieve and vibration sieve and de-stoner. Efficient and easy to use. 2. Adopts double reduction device and newly designed "Driven wheel". Low broken rate and enhanced capacity. 3. Double wind-sieve device that eliminates impurities. Enables efficient cyclone dust removal. Environmentally friendly. 4. "One screen three/four layers sieve" vibration sieve with large surface area, guarantees effective of ing. 5. Remove heavy impurities through de-stoner part.----multipurpose.
Description: The machine can be used for processing grain, oil seeds and other agricultural byproducts. The machines can also be used for sifting beans, sesames, melon seed, mixed grains, corn, rice grain, wheat, sorghum, rape seed, sunflower seed, cotton seed etc.
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