Sanli Grain Sorting Machinery Co., Ltd.
Equipments detail
Equipment: Sunflower seed cleaning and grading machine
Equipment Type: Other Equipment -> Others
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-09-14
Main Features:
Description: The series has a large processing capacity when compared with other similar products available in China market. Besides seed processing. This series is also suitable for processing and grading agriculture byproducts including (sunflower seed, white melon seed, water melon seed, red water melon seed and beans). The series has a double wind-sieves technique that processes twice. Also combing “one box two units” with vibrating sieves ,the series of this machine is highly efficient and accurate. At present, 10C and 10D models have different characteristics from each other. The 10C and 10D model’ elevator are suction loading, and therefore used for processing sunflower seed, melon seed, buckwheat and rice grain with lowest broken rate.
Recipient: Jason Wei Company: Sanli Grain Sorting Machinery Co., Ltd.
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